Mortgage Broker Fees
Get 'Em in Writing, Writing, Writing

Be a good friend. Tell everyone your know to get their mortgage broker fees in writing! Why? With no written document, the mortgage rate lock is meaningless. If you do not learn anything else on my website, pay attention to this formula:

Written Rate Lock Agreement + Written Loan Estimate = Best Mortgage Rate

How to Guarantee Your Rate and Fees

I know, I know... interest rates can be locked over the phone.

And yes, mortgage closing costs can be quoted over the phone.

In fact, I explain how to lock mortgage rates over the phone and still avoid hidden fees right here!

But please listen to me. You must get your loan estimate in writing.

It is also a necessity to receive your mortgage interest rate lock agreement in writing. Both are needed immediately.

How is it possible do accomplish this, you ask? After locking in your mortgage rate, immediately follow with this inquiry.

Now will you please fax my mortgage closing costs and my rate lock agreement?

Or ask for an email. Offer to drop by the office in an hour to pick them both up. Whatever you do, get them in writing that day!

Tell everyone you know, your friends, your co-workers, your family! Protect the future of your mortgage payments by getting the fees and rate lock details in writing the same day you lock!

Tip: Check here for current mortgage rates and trends because there is no need to scour the internet when up-to-date information is easily found here.

Guarding Your Mortgage Rate Lock Agreement

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Ask Kate to Translate

What if you could ask a mortgage insider anything you wanted regarding your best mortgage rate?

Now you can!

Ask Kate is specifically designed to answer your questions and create dialog regarding mortgage financing. For example ...

Ask Kate About Your Rate Lock: What happens if my credit score goes down?

By Shawn from Windham


I just locked my rate. My lender told me that the bank will do a refresher credit score about a week prior to closing. Unfortunately, I think I had one 30 day late payment on a credit card that will show on that report.

My credit score is 671. I was wondering if the credit score goes down, which it probably will, can the interest late be taken away? Thanks, Shawn

Ask Kate Answers Rate Lock: What happens if my credit score goes down?

Dear Shawn,

A range of credit scores (as opposed to one specific score) may have been used to determine the mortgage rate you locked. So your rate may be safe if the lower score still falls with the same range.

Conversely, if the new score falls below the lowest score in the range, the lender may reserve the right to raise your mortgage rate. Refer to your mortgage rate lock agreement for details. (See more on the importance of Mortgage Rate Lock Agreements.)

Go here to see how Mortgage Rate Locks Really Work.

Best wishes,

Kate Ford

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