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Mortgage leads even out the ups and downs in the housing and financial markets, thanks to Ask Kate at Get Your Best Mortgage Rate. Hi, I'm Kate. I understand first-hand the biggest challenge facing mortgage originators and other related service providers is keeping a continual flow of customers.

But before I describe how Ask Kate can help your business grow, I hope you've already joined one of my free mortgage directories. After all, Get Your Best Mortgage Rate is where home buyers and homeowners go for premier information and unbiased answers to their mortgage questions.

Participate in the Ask Kate Network

Besides the directories, Ask Kate creates another opportunity for you to increase your online presence.

Something you might not know about me is that thousands of people visit my website every month. Many of them request help from me at Ask Kate.

Picture this!

  • Visitors to Get Your Best Mortgage Rate request answers to questions.
  • I answer each question individually on a dedicated page on my website.
  • They show their pages to friends who can add comments.
  • Subscribers are notified by email of new Ask Kate questions and answers.

Ask Kate + Your Comments = Mortgage Leads

I recently got to thinking how Ask Kate could be a great opportunity for lenders, mortgage originators, escrow closing professionals, title abstract providers, homeowner's insurance and mobile notary signing agents to increase their online presence!

Here's an example. Although you live and work in New York, when Spencer and Julie in Arizona ask a mortgage question, you leave a helpful comment. As seridipity would have it, your neighbor in New York who has been considering a refi reads your comment and calls you to compare interest rates.

So be sure to do this to increase your success... When you comment, include your name, company name, phone number, and areas of expertise.

The powerful result? Home buyers and homeowners are helped by your comment. The Ask Kate network spreads your name and phone number. Your business grows.

Choose an Ask Kate Category

Just my way of helping lending professionals put their best foot forward! Ahhhh... the joy of serendipity!

List of Mortgage Companies and Related Service Providers Directories

For even more help creating a continual flow of customers, add your contact information to the Mortgage Lender Directory or Related Service Provider Directory.

I've designed these free directories as a convenience so that homeowners and home buyers can shop and compare mortgage lenders and associated service providers such as escrow closing professionals, appraisers, title abstract providers, homeowner's insurance reps, and mobile notary signing agents.

Important Directory Information

Inclusion of service providers in the directories on this site, for example, List of Mortgage Companies Directory, Mortgage Lender Directory, Title, Abstract Services, Escrow Closing, Notary, Appraisal, Insurance Agents Directory, Mortgages in Canada Directory, International Mortgage Financing Directory, and Capital Solutions Directory, does not indicate endorsement or approval by and its owners. Neither is there any guarantee of the accuracy of the information and level of service obtained from service providers found on this site. You should compare and consider all offers carefully.

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