Mortgage Loan Approval Stories
Letters of Gratitude to Kate

Mortgage loan approval can be complicated, scary, and intimidating.

Hi, my name is Kate but you may know me as Ask Kate. As a former mortgage broker for more than 20 years, I know what goes on behind the scenes during the loan approval process.

The following letters of gratitude came from my customers over the years and were often accompanied by chocolates, balloons, and flowers! These stories are the evidence that I truly know the secrets to getting your best mortgage rate. Please enjoy!

Kate Empowers Borrowers - Mortgage Loan Approval Stories

  1. Kate, I really had a good time working with you and I promise to recommend you until I am blue in the face or run out of people to talk to. My family truly thanks you for your time, your understanding, your support, and your hard work. You've helped me by giving me that push to believe all things are possible. I was really skeptical when we started this whole thing and I know when we on the 12th of next month when we are painting and cleaning, I'll be speechless (and probably crying happy tears). You will definitely be in my thoughts. Thank you for helping me realize a dream; a place my boys, my husband, and I can call home. God bless you and best wishes and never-ending thanks to you always.
    Sincerely, D and Family
  2. Dear Kate, We got you the silly Road-Runner gifts because you were so speedy with our loan -- you must have looked like Road-Runner with your legs all in a blur when you put our loan together. Thank you so much for all you did for us -- for being so patient with all our questions and understanding our circumstances. You're a treasure -- and a Road-Runner!Best Regards, ML and EJ
  3. Kate, What can we say, but YOU ROCK!!! Thank you so much for everything. We are in our new home and we absolutely LOVE IT! Thanks for helping and making it all possible!Thanks again, A and W
  4. Dear Kate, We wanted to thank you for making the purchase of our new home so stress free and enjoyable! You are truly fantastic at what you do and in your interactions with people! You were so pleasant to work with. We appreciated the updates that you gave us. You are top notch!Thank you for everything! -S and T
  5. Dear Kate, I'm sure Miss Manners dictates that thank you notes should be sent in far less time than I've done; so along with my thanks, I'll include a little apology, too! I want to express my sincere gratitude for all your diligent work you've done for me over the last 3 1/2 years for me and B, and most recently on the purchase of this home. I know I wasn't the greatest to work with this time. I attribute that indirectly to you! I guess that I kind of took you and all your hard work for granted---you know---"Kate will handle it all." So, thanks for all your efficient, thorough hard work. We were never burdened or worried about any aspect of your role in this latest sale/purchase. If I ever get the chance, I'll definitely recommend you to any friends or family who need a top-notch "loan-lady".Sincerely, TK
  6. Dear Kate, Thank you again for all your extra work for us. We know that you had to ask for a lot of favors on our behalf and we are truly grateful. We are looking forward to moving in to our new home. Thank you for making that possible. Hope you and your family enjoy this holiday season!-M,L,N,M,L, and I
  7. Kate, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for all your efforts in reference to my condo purchase through my Realtor. I appreciate your professionalism, and intense knowledge of your business, and the "go get it" attitude you possess. By the way, the old condo is actually shaping up pretty nicely.Thanks Again! KB
  8. Kate, My new home has an old look to it. Many windows, lots of space and a large yard. I want to say, THANKS SO MUCH. The home became mine last week. You do what you do well. If you're ever in the neighborhood, please stop by.Thanks again! -SHP.S. I have a bay window also.
  9. Dear Kate, Just wanted to thank you again for your EXCELLENT, friendly service. YOU were really the reason we went with the bank and we appreciate all you did to make buying our home a pleasant and relatively pain-free experience! Your efficiency, promptness and friendliness were wonderful - Thank you! We wish you continued success in your endeavors and pray God's blessings for you as well.Many Thanks! -D and SP
  10. Dear Kate, We cannot begin to thank you for all of your hard work on our behalf to facilitate the purchase of the house. Being able to handle all of it by mail made it so much easier for us, and of course your guarantee made the purchase easier in a competitive market. E seems delighted with the home which has a lot of good solid features that were included in homes built in that era. We will keep your card handy for future reference and referral.Thank you again. -B and JA
  11. Kate, Whew! We did it and owe it all to you and your dedicated, hard working team! We are once again proud homeowners! We owe you a lot more than this small token, but enjoy it anyway!-The C's
  12. Dear Kate, I never thought I could purchase a home all by myself and you definitely made it happen.Sincerely, CSJ
  13. Dear Kate, Thank you once again--I closed yesterday and am once again a homeowner. Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication--this would not have happened without you! Keep in touch!Love, MJ
  14. Dear Kate, Thank you again for all your help and patience. It was greatly appreciated. I really like my "new digs" and it's great being close to everything--shopping, museums, etc. Hope we can get together sometime.--LK
  15. Kate, Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for everything you did. In fact, all of the work regarding the property was far beyond the ordinary requirements of any mortgage company.Sincerely, KG
  16. Dear Kate, I'd like to thank you for all the help you gave us with our mortgage. I sincerely appreciate the extra effort you put into securing our loan. In this day and age, it is truly refreshing too find people who are not only competent, but caring. Our new home is wonderful and we will not soon forget your assistance in making the purchase possible. Thank you.Warm regards, MMC
  17. Dear Kate, As a twenty-seven year investor in real estate I have applied for many loans both for purchases and for refinances. My recent experience with two refinances through your office has been a most enjoyable experience. You have been great to work with. You have been understanding, willing to do the little extra to make the transaction flow smoothly and have kept me up to date as to progress or to let me know if something else was needed to close in a timely fashion. It has been so refreshing to work with someone who is working with you and not against you. I will make every effort to place as many loans as I can through you and certainly refer as many people as I can.Sincerely, LBB
  18. Kate, Thank you very much for the work you did securing a rental property loan for me. I was impressed with your professional manner, and with the expeditious way in which you put all the pieces together. The loan was "as represented", and there were no surprises along the way. I appreciate that in a loan officer. You made appropriate suggestions along the way, but allowed me the opportunity to make the crucial decisions and tailor the outcome to my satisfaction. In the end, there were no fire drills, and the loan closed on time. I appreciate the opportunity to work with a professional such as yourself, will use you again when possible, and will recommend you to my friends and associates.Thank you sincerely, LC, Manager
  19. Kate, In all the ways that really count, you always come through. Thanks for all of your help in the process of our loan for "our" rental property.--K
  20. Dear Kate, I want to thank you for making our refinancing a rather painless experience, except for having to pay the installments!Thank you, MDB
  21. Good Morning Kate, I have a great appreciation for expertise! Again, thank you for guiding me through the refinancing processes as you made the journey most pleasant.Warm Regards, CR
  22. Dear Kate, D and I want to thank you for all of your hard work on our mortgage. We appreciate your time and efforts! We have started remodeling currently and the kitchen is completely torn up.Thanks again, L and DF
  23. Dear Kate, Thank you so much for your help with our house mortgage. I'm glad we finally got to work together. You were every bit as good as it seemed you would be. I appreciated your positive attitude and your wonderful support at stressful times. I will certainly call you again if we need another loan and will recommend you to anyone needing one.Thanks again. You were great! -TLK
  24. Dear Kate, We cannot thank you enough for your help. Our motor home we bought with our refinance is wonderful! We will recommend your service to everyone. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you.Sincerely, G and LA
  25. Dear Kate, Thanks for all your help on my refinance. I always feel like I'm in such capable hands whenever I deal with you. You are so positive and supportive. You call me right back. You know your stuff and the people you work with are top notch. I really appreciate your excellent service. I will pass your name along whenever I get the chance - and of course, come back to you myself.Thanks again, T
  26. Kate, I just received my check today as escrow said I would, and all is great at this end. I would like to say THANK YOU from D and I, we both were very impressed with your professional demeanor, and exemplary service. I have given your name and a positive reference to my manager (who is considering re-financing 2 loans) and I believe he may be contacting you.--JB
  27. Kate, Just a quick note to thank you again for your hard work on our re-fi. We've paid off and closed two credit lines, and had new windows installed early last week. If we ever hear of someone looking for mortgage help, we will sing your praises and give 'em your number.Take care. -S and RP
  28. Dear Kate, Recently we refinanced our home with you. I had talked to several mortgage companies over the last few months. I had meetings in their offices, our home, and we had several lengthy conversations over the phone. Then, we were referred to you through our real estate agent. After I talked to you, I was impressed with your knowledge and her attitude, you were super. You made refinancing a pleasant experience. After I talked to all the other brokers, I didn't think this would be possible. I would like to thank you for making this project go so smoothly.Sincerely Yours, TJ and SA
  29. Kate, Thank you for your perseverance with helping us get the right loan. Wow! We can't believe we finally have a house. We appreciate all your help. It has been great working with you.-C and A
  30. Dear Kate, Simply said from the heart, I won't be able to write "thank you" here a million times so I might just have to settle for a few dozen or so. This has become a dream come true. You will be on the tip of my tongue when I speak to someone about our new house and when that skeptical, unbelieving soul says, "Oh I don't think I'll qualify," your name will just JUMP out of my mouth! You have helped me believe if there's a will, there's a way and that the glass can be half-full. Our family sends our most sincere "thank you" to you and our most deepest gratitude. I enjoyed talking with you and hearing your laugh that always lifted my spirits. I might have to call you now and again to hear it. In the meanwhile our best wishes to you, our thanks to you! God bless you and keep you well.Our love, R,D,J and ID
  31. Kate, Thank you so much for all your help and work! I know you think C and I were laided back with the news yesterday, but it's because we know you are there to take care of things. You have helped us out with everything that has happened and we know that you have the same honest personality that we do. When you do a job, you want it done right, and you will work on it until it is right. Knowing that you are there working on these transactions helps us feel relaxed.Thank YOU! -A
  32. Dear Kate, We wanted to express our sincere appreciation for all your help with our mortgage process. Having you on our team made the whole thing that much easier. Your determination and sincerity on our behalf gave us hope when it looked as if things were not going to fall into place. But they did! And we are very grateful.Thank you, A and S
  33. Kate, Thank you so much for all of your help, patience and encouragement over the past year. You've made this whole terrifying experience a lot easier.-RR
  34. Dear Kate, I just can't thank you enough for helping me get a home. I honestly never thought it was possible.-TC
  35. Hi Kate, Thanks for the hard work you did to get me into this home. It is certainly a new adventure for me. I want you to know that your hard work has helped provide me with a new and good environment.Sincerely, C
  36. Dear Kate, I can't tell you how much I appreciate all of the hard work you are doing to bring this rather difficult transaction to a close. It gives me great peace of mind to know you are handling all of the details. With my travel schedule as it is, it would be nearly impossible to complete this loan without your help. Thanks again.Sincerely, MAS
  37. Kate, Many thanks for all your help and support during our recent move. We couldn't have done it without you. You were truly a lifesaver. We hope you know just how much we appreciate you!Love, The S's
  38. Kate, You are the best!! Never seen anything quite like this. Thank you Thank you!Thank you, CS
  39. Dear Kate, We were blessed when our paths crossed yours. You took care of our original loan and then TWO refinances. You explained each step of the way and did not let stressful situations develop. If all businesses treated clients like you do, what a wonderful world this would be.-J
  40. Dear Kate, Thank you so much for all the many ways you prove yourself to be "the most excellent of mortgage brokers!" Time and time again, you have provided unequaled customer service, professionalism and integrity. You are without question our favorite broker! No matter who the client or how large or small the loan, your skills shine! Thank you!-D and R
  41. Hi Kate, Thanks for your updates! We appreciate all of the communication you are giving us on the loan progress! We sure didn't have that when we purchased this home 12 years ago. You are very classy and professional. We appreciate it so much! We will just keep an eye out for the earnest money at closing. Thanks for clearing that up. Thanks for the good news too on saving the money on the appraisal and title insurance. Every little bit helps!Thank you! -S and T
  42. Kate, Thanks again for all your help. This was by far the easiest finance experience yet. Have a great afternoon. Thanks for the update.-N
  43. Kate, I just wanted to say thanks again for all the hard work you did for us when we worked together on buying this house and refinancing it. I really appreciate how thorough you are and how you gave us the truth even when it might have looked scary. So thanks again, we really appreciate all that you have done for us!-JP
  44. Dear Kate, Thank you once again for all your efforts on my behalf. Whenever you are working on something for me, I always have complete confidence that the very best solution will be found and that everything will be OK. You are the greatest.Love, M
  45. Kate, You are the best!!! We really appreciate all the hard work. We could have never done it without you!Best Wishes, A and B
  46. Kate, We appreciate your diligence, honesty, professionalism, and, most of all, YOU.Very Sincerely, T and K
  47. Dear Kate, I just wanted to write and tell you thanks for doing such a great job on the mortgage when we sold our house. You were so efficient and helpful, as usual. I have always been impressed by your professionalism and energy. I think you're great.-T
  48. Dear Kate, Our thanks for your help in making our dream come true.Sincerely, JP
  49. Dear Kate, I would like to take a moment of your time to thank you so very much for your efficient customer service you gave me on my loan. As we both know, this was not the easiest loan to complete. Once again, thank you!!! I'll be sure to refer your services.Sincerely, DC
  50. Dear Kate, Thanks so much for helping me realize my dream of owning my own home! You always make doing a re-finance so easy. It's a pleasure to work with you - maybe we'll meet one day.-JB
  51. Kate, Thank you for all your help, knowledge and patience!You're the best, PL and JC
  52. Kate, Thanks for all your help! I really appreciate all you did to help us through the loan.-J
  53. Kate, Thank you for all your hard work and putting up with all our silly questions!Sincerely, S
  54. Kate, Words cannot express how much we APPRECIATE you.-J
  55. Kate, Thank you for helping us. Your help and cheerfulness made it a great experience.-M and CD
  56. Kate, Your respect for the customer and complete professionalism are greatly appreciated and I have no desire to work with anyone else.-TSH
  57. Hi Kate, I have been meaning to respond for weeks. Thank YOU for all your hard work on this house. We really trust you and look forward to working with you again.Thank you! -TS
  58. Dear Kate, We would like to thank you for processing our loan so quickly and efficiently. To say that your effort to meet our deadline was extraordinary would be an understatement. You are a pleasure to do business with. We will gladly recommend your company to others. Once again, thank you very much.Sincerely, L and CS
  59. Kate, We were confident that you were the right person to do this for us and you didn't let us down. Thank you, Kate.Sincerely, TS
  60. Kate, Your customers are very lucky to have you working on their behalf.Thank you, BH
  61. Dear Kate, You were able to convince me that you could handle my loan and that I would receive your personal attention---well, you handled it well and I felt taken care of. I'm glad my parents gave me your name. Thanks again! Keep up the good work!-KMM
  62. Dear Kate, I would like to complement you on the outstanding service and professionalism expressed throughout the process of my loan. You've truely been quite a charm, with great personality and wonderful communications. It has been a pleasure, and I thank you Kate. Thanks again. Your quality is sensational!Sincerely, DW
  63. Kate, I don't know how you managed, but I am so glad you did. I will continue to sing your praises.-CJC
  64. Kate, My esteem for your do whatever it takes attitude to satisfy the customer earns you my Baldridge Award for excellence.One most satisfied customer, AHC
  65. Kate, You are always courteous and professional, yet you have a sense of humor. You made us feel very comfortable with our transaction.Thank you, BB
  66. Kate, Thank you for everything. Best of all - you are a lovely person and leave one feeling - "I'd like to get to know her better." Best to you.-L
  67. Kate is wonderful! A true professional and a pleasure to work with.-AMM
  68. Kate was a joy to work with. She was professional, considerate and caring. We will definitely refer her to others.-M
  69. Kate knows what she is doing, what is best in the situation and really genuinely cares about you and what is best for your family.-LO
  70. I used this company because I followed Kate from a different lender.

    -T and NS

  71. Kate is the best. We love Kate. Keep her on your team. She is a credit to your company.-LMN
  72. Kate is why I do business with your company. She is excellent in all areas. A good professional! Our firm would do business with Kate wherever she works.-MH
  73. I had previous experience with Kate who was the primary reason for working with your bank.-LA
  74. Kate does an awsome job for me and my office. We all like her skills and promptness.-EFD
  75. Kate was responsive and worked well with us.-RCJ
  76. Kate handled our recent loan. We found her helpful and personable. She was very patient with explanations of the details of loan alternatives.-DVH MD
  77. Thanks to Kate for helping me with the zero down programs! I found all the Nehemiah info on the web. Thanks for telling me about the 80/20 also. My goal was to have options for first time buyers.-D
  78. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about Kate. We had the pleasure of dealing with Kate while looking for a mortgage loan. She was very helpful in assisting us in choosing a loan. She made sure we understood all of the different type of packages and products. She was also a great in listening to our fears. As you probably know buying a new home can be quite stressful. When the stress got too high she was always there, all we had to do was pick-up the phone, she would listen and be very supportive. A special thanks goes out to Kate.-B and DS
  79. I know Kate's success rate is because she listens.-Anonymous
  80. We think Kate is a very wise decision for anyone buying a home. Being 1st time buyers, the process was rather uncomfortable for us, and Kate made it very easy with her sunny personality.-JGP
  81. Kate went the extra mile.-Anonymous
  82. Kate outshined everyone we had to deal with in the purchasing of our new home.-JK
  83. Kate displays a trained eye for detail.-Anonymous
  84. Remember, it's your mortgage loan approval and your home. No one cares more about it than you. You deserve the best!

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