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by Ali from New York, NY USA

Ask Kate - Deposits For Mortgage Lock-Ins: If I cancel my mortgage application, is the lender required to refund my lock-in fees? We locked our mortgage rate via email contact with one lender.

However he never got back with us with anything in writing. So we changed to another lender and closed on our house. The first lender charged us a quarter percent for locking the interest. Can we get back the money? Ali

Kate Answers - Deposits For Mortgage Lock-Ins: If I cancel my mortgage application, is the lender required to refund my lock-in fees?

Hi Ali, Whew, what a question! Let me explain.

After locking your mortgage rate over the phone, you should have received written confirmation shortly by mail. But mortgage lock-ins are stressful and many homeowners forget about asking for written agreements. That is, until something goes haywire.

I'm assuming you gave the first mortgage company authorization to charge your credit card since you locked over the phone. So go to the New York ".gov" website to read about consumer rights under state laws.

You mentioned you deposited .25% of your loan amount in a lock fee. Depending on the size of your mortgage, the cost of hiring an attorney to recover your deposit might not be worthwhile. If you decide to consult a legal firm, ask about their charges upfront.

Nikki had a similar problem after locking her interest rate. She asked me, "Do you think I might be able to get my lock deposit back because I've never gotten the written confirmation from the bank?"

Read my answer to Nikki's question How do I recover my mortgage interest rate lock deposit where you will find some tips pertinent to your situation.

For others reading this letter, please listen up! The act of locking a rate must be followed with a signed agreement in writing! Hidden cost is the number one problem for home loan applicants when it comes to mortgage lock-ins. In the absence of written agreements, how do you know what to expect?

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