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Mortgage Loan Servicer Violates Code of Ethics 
Ask Kate when your mortgage loan servicer violates the code of ethics: Step into Pat's shoes. You suspect your mortgage balance has been inflated by …Mortgage News: Principal Reduction Program for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Loans 
April 2016 Mortgage News: Principal reduction program for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans: Homeowners with Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac (GSE) mortgages …TRID Fallout: Why Your Mortgage Costs More and Takes Longer 
Ask Kate about the TRID fallout and why your mortgage costs more and takes longer: Shouldn't advanced technology lower the cost of getting a mortgage? …NACA Approach to Mortgage Modification and Home Buying 
Ask Kate about the NACA junkyard approach to mortgage loan modification and low-to-moderate income home buying: Chris wrote asking how to prepare for …New Loan Estimate Form aka Know Before You Owe 
Ask Kate about the new Loan Estimate form aka Know Before You Owe: What you don't know about the new Loan Estimate form could cost you big-time! So …Bank of America $17 Billion Mortgage Settlement 
Ask Kate about Bank of America $17 billion mortgage settlement: Sandra's mortgage was caught up in the unlawful conduct of Bank of America (BoA) for …Mortgage News: Loan Modification Rates Drop 
Ask Kate about mortgage news for loan modification: Lin believes the bank is manipulating the modification process to foreclose on their home. But before …Mortgage News: New Foreclosure Time Frames 
Ask Kate for mortgage news regarding recent increase to foreclosure time frames: Greg asks what mortgage assistance is available to him while he's unemployed. …Is Refinancing My FHA Loan Necessary to Cancel MI 
Ask Kate if refinancing my FHA loan is necessary to remove the mortgage insurance: FHA mortgage insurance (MIP) allows borrowers with a small down payment …Fangless Mediator: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau 
Ask Kate about mortgage news regarding Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB): Ironic, isn't it, when the watch-dog of the financial industry is …Mortgage News: California Owes Millions to Borrowers 
Ask Kate about 2015 National Mortgage Settlement news and why California is obligated to repay struggling borrowers $331 million: Remember that $25 billion …FHA Reverse Mortgage Rules: Non-Borrowing Spouses 
Ask Kate about new FHA reverse mortgage rules regarding policy changes for non-borrowing spouses: On June 12, 2015, Housing and Urban Development …No Sunset for HARP Refinance and HAMP Modification 
National Mortgage News: The sun isn't setting on the HAMP modification and HARP refinance programs! In fact, both programs have been extended through …National Mortgage News: Lower HAMP Payments 
National mortgage news! Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to re-evaluate borrowers for lower HAMP payments, making them more affordable: Fannie Mae and Freddie …New HAMP Incentives Benefit Homeowners Big Time 
Ask Kate about four new HAMP incentives that will benefit struggling homeowners big time: Making Home Affordable (MHA) apparently read the memo that …Mortgage Rumors: Fannie Mae and Principal Reductions 
Ask Kate if Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac ever plan to grant principal reductions on behalf of underwater borrowers: As of February 2015, mortgage reductions …FHA Prepayment Penalty and 3 Day Right of Rescission 
Ask Kate about FHA prepayment penalty news and 3 day right of rescission: Maria's mortgage refinance has been caught in a vicious cycle. The lender botched …USDA Rural Refinance: No Appraisal No Credit Report 
Ask Kate about the USDA rural home loan refinance with no appraisal, no credit report, and no debt-to-income ratio requirements: If you are a homeowner …Bank Reluctant to Disclose Mortgage Refinance Costs 
Ask Kate about mortgage refinance costs: Do you know your rights if you discover your bank isn't adequately disclosing mortgage fees? Judy is trying …Predatory Lending Laws and Lender Paid MI 
Ask Kate about predatory lending laws, Homeowners Protection Act of 1998, and Lender Paid Mortgage Insurance (LPMI): Big-box banks claiming borrower-induced …Keep Your Home California Principal Loan Reduction 
Ask Kate about a Keep Your Home California principal loan reduction following a HAMP mortgage modification: Savone from Ceres, CA has received a HAMP …JPMorgan Settlement Brings Mortgage Relief 
Breaking National Mortgage News - $13 Billion Settlement Between the Justice Department and JPMorgan Chase: Are you a homeowner who obtained mortgage …December 2013 New Information on Reverse Mortgage 
Ask Kate for December 2013's new information on reverse mortgage program for senior homeowners: Is your home financed but only in your spouse's name? …Revised HARP 2 Refinance Eligibility Date 
Ask Kate about the revised HARP 2 refinance eligibility date: If you have been told that you're not eligible for HARP 2 refinancing due to the cut-off …Click here to ask Kate about your mortgage.Back to Work by FHA - Buying a Home After Foreclosure 
Ask Kate about buying a home after foreclosure with FHA's Back to Work extenuating circumstances guideline: Everyone knows how difficult buying a home …HARP 3 Refinance and Home Buying Mortgage News 
Ask Kate about HARP 3 refinance and home buying mortgage news: President Obama is breathing new life into the HARP 3 proposal and addressing affordable …Breaking FHA Reverse Mortgage News 
Ask Kate reports breaking FHA reverse mortgage news: Effective October 1, 2013, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) will begin tightening …Will New Obama Refi Plan Protect American Dream 
August 2013 National Mortgage News! Obama Underwater Refinance Plan to Protect American Dream: President Obama has released an update to the withering …HAMP Loan Modification Scheme Exposed 
Ask Kate about mortgage banks that scheme to avoid approving qualified homeowners for a loan modification: When lenders participate in HAMP as a means …Nonsensical Mortgage Refinance Practices 
Ask Kate about nonsensical mortgage loan refinance terms: Homeowners encounter poor training, fraudulent practices, and ignorant decision making as they …President Obama Nominates Mel Watt for FHFA Post 
Update! Mel Watt's official nomination confirmed December 11, 2013! Ask Kate about President Obama's nomination of Congressman Mel Watt for the FHFA …Short Sale vs Foreclosure - Agony of Homeownership 
Deborah asks Kate if short sale or mortgage foreclosure is a better choice, the all-too-common agony of 21st century homeownership: Deborah's very personal …Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure - HAFA Assistance 
Ask Kate about deed-in-lieu of foreclosure and $10,000 (increased from $3000) HAFA relocation assistance to avoid the negative effects of foreclosure: …2013 National Mortgage Settlement Update 
Ask Kate about National Mortgage Settlement for eligible homeowners: After nationwide mortgage servicers committed fraud by illegally foreclosing on …No Principal Reduction Alternative for GSE Mortgage 
Ask Kate why there's no principal reduction alternative (PRA) for a government sponsored entity (GSE) mortgage: Are you wondering why Making Home Affordable …Responsible Homeowner Refinancing Act of 2013 
Ask Kate about Responsible Homeowner Refinancing Act of 2013: Introducing the latest HARP 3 refinance proposal by Senators Robert Menendez of New Jersey …HARP 3 Update - Jan 2013 National Mortgage News 
HARP 3 Update: January 2013 National Mortgage News! Make a difference in underwater refinancing! Learn about and lend your support by signing this petition …Beware of HAMP Hardship Loan Modification Scams 
Ask Kate about HAMP hardship loan modification scams: If you are a homeowner struggling to make ends meet, beware of scams offering to modify your mortgage …New HARP 3 Refinance Program Proposal 
December 2012: New White House HARP 3 refinance program proposal! It's no secret that mortgages not backed by the government need a way to refinance …Ask Kate HARP 3 Refinance Update 
Ask Kate for a HARP 3 refinance update: Hi Kate. We have unsuccessfully tried to refinance our mortgage to take advantage of the low interest rates. …Compare HAMP Modification to HARP Refinance 
Ask Kate to compare HAMP modification to HARP refinance, nonprofit counseling to Making Home Affordable counseling, and taking action now vs later: Hi …Fannie Mae Loan Lookup HARP Glitch 
Ask Kate about Fannie Mae Loan Lookup glitch derailing Jennifer's HARP 2 refinance: What's wrong with this picture? After a homeowner confirms her mortgage …Harp 2 No Income Verifier Refinance 
Ask Kate if Harp 2.0 no income verifier refinancing opens doors: Underwater homeowners, go get your piggy banks! Instead of focusing on debt-to-income …HARP 2 Embraces No Income Guidelines 
HARP 2.0 refinance embraces no-income guidelines: No income got you turned down for HARP? Did your refinance hit a brick wall over large deposits? Can't …Alternatives to HARP 2 Refinance Roadblocks 
Ask Kate for alternatives to HARP 2 refinance roadblocks: Meet three homeowners who are having difficulties with HARP refinancing. For Rick, I have several …HAMP vs HARP 3 with Bankruptcy 
Ask Kate about HAMP vs HARP 3 after having a bankruptcy: Hi Kate. Like many others I am underwater in my mortgage, but current on my mortgage and home …Rebuilding American Homeownership RAH 
Rebuilding American Homeownership, also know as RAH or The 4% Mortgage, as designed by Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley, tackles the national problem …FHA Refinance for Borrowers with Negative Equity 
Ask Kate about FHA Refinance for Borrowers with Negative Equity: Kate, Just found your site and thought you may have some helpful insights into my current …California Short Sale Information 
Ask Kate for California short sale information: Hi Kate, With an unrelated buyer, can we rent or lease back our house after the short sale process? We …Click here to ask Kate about your mortgage.Free Making Home Affordable Housing Counselors 
Ask Kate about using free Making Home Affordable Housing Counselors to escalate HAMP mortgage loan modification help: Hi Kate, My HAMP terms are adversely …MyRefi HARP 3 Simplify Refinancing 
Introducing #MyRefi - aka HARP 3: The White House has just announced further intentions to simplify mortgage refinancing and cut through red tape. So …HAMP Tier 2 Modifications Offer Hope 
HAMP Tier 2 Modifications offer hope and second chances to struggling homeowners: Family illnesses? Loss of a primary job? Rising cost of living on a …HARP 3 Mortgage Refinance News 
HARP 3.0 Mortgage Refinance News: Hi Kate - I have an underwater mortgage but am not eligible for HARP or HAMP. I don't want to walk away from my home, …New Good Faith Estimate Form 
Learn about the new Good Faith Estimate form and how to protect your quoted and lock-in mortgage rate: Kate, I'm looking at a mortgage broker to refinance …HARP 2 Refinance Plan 2nd Mortgage 
Ask Kate about risky HARP 2 refinance plan with 2nd mortgage default vs HAMP alternatives: Hi Kate - Is it possible to default on the 2nd mortgage and …HARP 3.0 Fact or Fiction 
Ask Kate if HARP 3.0 is fact or fiction: Kate, have you heard if HARP 3.0 will apply to portfolio lenders such as Washington Federal and Zions Bank? …Getting HARP 2 Mortgage Loan Approval 
Ask Kate about getting HARP 2.0 mortgage loan approval: Hi Kate, Maybe you can give me a straight answer. I should qualify under every criteria of Freddie …HARP 2 Refinance Plan Fails Underwater Mortgages 
Ask Kate why HARP 2 refinance plan fails underwater mortgages: Kate are you for real? Why aren't you advocating for us? Where is the anger? HARP 2.0 …Is HARP 2 or HAMP Best 
Ask Kate if HARP 2 or HAMP is best: Although Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP 2.0) and Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) sound similar, …HAMP Tier 2 Help for Underwater Mortgages 
Ask Kate about HAMP Tier 2 help for underwater mortgages: To avoid further foreclosures among American households who are struggling with debt and underwater …HAMP 2 Mortgage Modification News 
Ask Kate about HAMP 2 Mortgage Modification News: Hi Kate, Thanks for your wonderful website. Since my mortgage loan is not a Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae, …Ask Kate HARP 2 Refinance Plan Update 
Ask Kate for Harp 2 Refinance Plan Update: Have you written your state and federal representatives about your progress (or lack of) with HARP 2 mortgage …HARP 2 Mortgage Lenders 
Ask Kate what's up with HARP 2 mortgage lenders: Hi Kate! I'm struggling to find a HARP 2.0 lender willing to refinance my mortgage. I meet the basic …HARP 2 Update Mortgage Refinance Alternatives 
Ask Kate for HARP 2 update and mortgage refinance alternatives: A favorite cartoon sums up the first days of HARP 2.0. The lender, Fannie Mae, Freddie …Freddie Mac Making Home Affordable HARP 2 Refinance 
Ask Kate about Freddie Mac Making Home Affordable HARP 2 refinance: Cheryl asks if her investment property falls under any income requirements? Will …HARP 2 Refinance Program Underwater Mortgages 
Ask Kate about HARP 2 refinance program for underwater mortgages: Is a HARP 2.0 refinance possible with a subprime loan? Mike called Fannie Mae in 2011. …HARP 2 Mortgage Refinance Roll Out 
Ask Kate answers HARP 2.0 mortgage refinance roll-out questions: An estimated 11 million mortgages are underwater. Yet only a fraction have been refinanced. …New HARP 2 Loan Announcement 
New October 2013 revised HARP eligibility date! The original HARP 2.0 loan announcement on March 18, 2011 is continuously updated and kept current! Now …New HARP 2 Condo Refinancing 
Ask Kate about new HARP 2.0 condo refinancing: Hi Kate, We own a condo in Florida that is an investment property (ha...). We are refinancing …FHA Streamline Refinancing Obama Announcement 
Ask Kate about FHA streamline refinancing Obama announcement regarding a decrease in mortgage insurance premiums: Hi Kate, today March 6, 2012 there …HARP 2 Mortgage Plan Nuts and Bolts 
Ask Kate for HARP 2 Mortgage Plan Nuts and Bolts: Is Nancy getting honest HARP mortgage rates? Why is Roseanne quoted a boatload of points for a HARP …Home Mortgage Help for Disabled Veterans 
Ask Kate about home mortgage help for disabled veterans: Hi Kate, I am a disabled veteran. Although my 3 year ARM begins adjusting next month, the bank …Ask Kate about Obama Refinance Plan 
Ask Kate about Obama Refinance Plan: Hi Kate, I currently make my mortgage payments to a nationwide lender. I have contacted them to refinance my mortgage …HARP 2 Mortgage Plan Questions 
Ask Kate Your HARP 2 Mortgage Plan Questions: Hi Kate, Can the HARP 2 mortgage plan be used on rental properties that are underwater? Is there PMI when …Click here to ask Kate about your mortgage.Does Fannie or Freddie Own My Mortgage 
Ask Kate does Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac own my mortgage loan: Dear Kate, My huge nationwide lender says they don't know who owns my mortgage. I bought …November 2011 HARP II Eligibility Requirements Announcement 
Ask Kate reports November 2011 HARP II Eligibility Requirements Announcement and updated December 20th: Celebrate with historically low interest rates! …Lender Paid Mortgage Insurance HARP Refinance 
Ask Kate about Lender Paid Mortgage Insurance HARP Refinance: Hi Kate, We have lender paid mortgage insurance (LPMI). We would like to refinance under …HARP Mortgage Closing Costs Reduced 
Ask Kate about HARP Mortgage Closing Costs Reduced - Updated December 2011: Kate, The only refinance we can do is through the Home Affordable Refinance …Sweeping Changes to Home Affordable Refinance Program 
Ask Kate reports Sweeping Changes to Home Affordable Refinance Program to make refinancing your mortgage easier! Just today, the Obama Administration …How Can I Cancel PMI 
How Can I Cancel PMI (private mortgage insurance): Hello Ms Kate. My name is Juan. I have a question about automatic cancellation of PMI that no one …Mortgage News Qualifying Versus Affording 
Regarding Mortgage News - Qualifying Versus Affording: Remember Jill who has shared views on mortgage news with us? I think she outdid herself with this …Mortgage News And Education 
Mortgage news and education: Note from Kate -- This is one reader's approach to mortgage rate lock who suggests self-education and resources for homeowners. …Washington Forgets Main Street Mortgage News 
Regarding Washington Forgets Main Street Mortgage News: Note from Kate: When it comes to sizzling opinions regarding mortgage news, Scott doesn't hold …Financial Bailout Plan Not Enough 
Regarding Financial Bailout Plan Not Enough: The financial bailout plan passed recently by Congress will not succeed in revitalizing our failing American …Financial Rescue Plan Opposes Responsibility 
Regarding Financial Rescue Plan Opposes Responsibility: This so called financial rescue plan is one of the worst fiscal decisions ever to come out of …Economic Bailout Plan 
Regarding Economic Bailout Plan: Once again America has done the DUMBEST thing they could think of with the financial bailout plan to fix the ever growing …Doomed Financial Bailout Rescue 
Regarding Doomed Financial Bailout Rescue: The rescue of the Financial Bailout Plan is doomed to fail because of the lack of confidence the American …Financial Rescue Plan Approval 
Regarding Financial Rescue Plan Approval: I believe that the financial bailout plan will work but it will come at a price. The initial deal alone will …Financial Bailout Plan Hopeful 
Regarding Financial Bailout Plan Hopeful: I think that the financial bailout plan was necessary and needs to succeed because the markets are too frantic …Financial Bailout Plan For Rich 
Regarding Financial Bailout Plan For Rich -- Like Goldman Sachs: Kate, it is my opinion that the Financial Bailout and Rescue Plan is created by, …Financial Bailout Plan Not The Right Bucket 
Regarding Financial Bailout Plan Not The Right Bucket: In my opinion the new government financial bailout plan is not going to be successful. I think …Financial Bailout Risks Taxpayer Money 
Regarding Financial Bailout Risks Taxpayer Money: There's no need to risk taxpayer's money in this financial bailout. I am uneasy that this extreme bailout …Financial Bailout Dumb Dumb Government 
Regarding Financial Bailout Dumb Dumb Government: I think this financial bail out plan will fail. Even if the government bails out these banks, who …Financial Rescue Plan 
Regarding Financial Rescue Plan: The financial bailout plan fails to address the root causes. The financial rescue plan that is being put in place may …Sweden's Better Financial Bailout Plan 
Regarding Sweden's Better Financial Bailout Plan: I think that this financial bailout is just business as usual for the government, meaning it will do …Financial Bailout Few Selected Wealthy 
Regarding Financial Bailout Few Selected Wealthy: The Financial Rescue Plan will ultimately fail those who need it most and benefit those who need it …Financial Bailout Begining Of End 
Regarding Financial Bailout Beginning Of End: I think the government is completely wrong to think that this plan is going to help fix our problems. I …Cheated By Financial Bailout Plan 
Regarding Cheated By Financial Bailout Plan: I worked hard to make the payments on my mortgage as interest rates went up. I feel that if I hadn't worked …Financial Bailout Massive Fraud 
Regarding Financial Bailout Massive Fraud: I would call the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, the financial bailout plan, a massive fraud …Click here to ask Kate about your mortgage.Financial Bailout Benefits Wrong Group 
Regarding Financial Bailout Benefits Wrong Group: The financial bailout will only benefit the ones getting the bailout. As I suspected, this bailout …Financial Bailout Two Sides Same Coin 
Regarding Financial Bailout Two Sides Same Coin: To be honest, I'm not very confident that the financial bailout plan is the correct measure to deal …Financial Bailout Plan Scare Tactic For Gain 
Regarding Financial Bailout Plan Scare Tactic For Gain: When considering this so called Financial Bailout Plan I can only say that anything created, …World Financial Mess 
Regarding World Financial Mess: We here in America have been reading and hearing about the US and how the government is having to bail out our mortgage …Congressional Fat Cats Financial Bailout 
Regarding Congressional Fat Cats Financial Bailout: Every one of you corrupt Washington fat cats need to be thrown out on your ear for passing the financial …Financial Rescue Plan Failure Long Term 
Regarding Financial Rescue Plan Failure Long Term: The Financial Rescue Plan will ultimately fail. The reasons are simple. Every time the government …Small Tense Sigh Of Relief For Financial Buyout 
Regarding Small Tense Sigh Of Relief For Financial Buyout: Now that the 700 million dollar financial buyout plan has been approved, it gives me a small …Financial Bailout Plan No Good 
Regarding Financial Bailout Plan No Good: In my opinion the mortgage bailout has its pros and cons. On one hand, the financial bailout is a good thing …Get Something Done For Financial Bailout 
Regarding Get Something Done For Financial Bailout: This week when I watched the news about the financial bailout, I saw the scared faces. It's time …Financial Bailout Fiasco  
Regarding Financial Bailout Fiasco: Don't throw good money after bad! The current economic issues being played out on television now are not the result …Mortgage Bailout Not Long Lasting 
Regarding Mortgage Bailout Not Long Lasting: The mortgage bailout sounds like an amazing idea at first, will help kick start the economy again but wasn't …Bail Out People Not Root Of Problem 
Regarding Bail Out People Not Root Of Problem: I was actually happy to hear that the financial bailout plan failed. I realize that something needs …Glad There Is No Financial Bailout Yet 
Regarding Good! There Is No Financial Bailout Yet: Glad there's no financial bailout yet. Well guys, I'd like to be mad at you for deciding to take a …What Happened To Our Free Market Economy 
Regarding What Happened To Our Free Market Economy: I have to say that I completely disagree with "bailing out" these mortgage companies that knew better …Mortgage News Home Builders Listen Up 
Mortgage News! Home builders listen up! I believe that people need to spend within their means. I believe people should be living in their means. And I …Its About Time Mortgage News Tax Credit Incentives for Buyers 
Regarding Its About Time Mortgage News Tax Credit Incentives for Buyers: Tax credit incentives for buyers? It's about time! The mortgage news regarding …Tax Incentive Opinion Mortgage News 
Regarding Tax Incentive Opinion Mortgage News: I'm riled by mortgage news over my tax dollars turning into home buyer tax incentives. I think congress …Mortgage News Home Builders Please Listen 
Regarding Mortgage News Home Builders Please Listen: I'm not surprised! Mortgage news and stock market reports are overflowing with stories about home …Housing Market Tax Tricks 
Regarding Housing Market Tax Tricks: Tax tricks? The government is trying to encourage people to get into the housing market again by offering tax credits …Housing Market To Jump Back In Or Not 
Regarding Housing Market To Jump Back In Or Not: To jump back in or not? So, the government is attempting to coax us back into the housing market by …Mortgage Mess Who To Blame 
Regarding Mortgage Mess And Who Is To Blame: The Mortgage Mess is (sub) primarily the banks' fault. The whole mess in the credit markets is the fault …Mortgage News Hits Venice Bars 
Regarding Mortgage News Hits Venice Bars: US mortgage news on mortgage foreclosure and subprime mortgages as seen posted in a Venice bar doorway. Has …Mortgage News Biggest Buyer Mistake 
Regarding Mortgage News - Biggest Buyer Mistake: One of the biggest mistakes a home buyer can make is to buy more house than they can comfortably afford. …How To Fix The Mortgage Mess 
Regarding How To Fix The Mortgage Mess: Mortgage news about housing and mortgage problems in the United States is on TV every morning and evening. What …Click here to ask Kate about your mortgage.

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