Mortgage Refinancing Advice

by Lisa-Rae
(San Remo, NSW. Australia)

Regarding Mortgage Refinancing Advice: Dear Kate, My now ex-girlfriend and I purchased a property a year and a half ago. Since the break up 5 months ago she has not paid a penny such as mortgage, insurance, car payments and I have kept up all payments.


I requested that she sign the home over to me, to no avail and she requested the house go on the market.

Now my mum wants to come in as a silent investor to allow my son and I to remain in the property and her and I pay it off but I seem to continually get different legal advice and the run around.

My mum and I want to buy my ex out and refinance on the loan. How hard or straight forward is this process please? I have a constant headache with the stress of this situation. My ex is unemployed, driving a car I'm paying for yet seems to have the power in this situation.

I would think she has no rights if she has not made a payment in 5 months. PLEASE Kate I'm in despair.

Kate Answers: Mortgage Refinancing Advice

Hi Lisa-Rae, Joint finances complicate a break-up especially when title to real estate is involved. And it seems the opinions that swarm to the rescue only complicate matters further.

There are two issues here that need addressing to relieve your headache. A question of legalities. The other about refinancing.

First of all, the manner in which the two of you took title to the real estate will chart your actions. I am not an attorney so I recommend expert legal counsel to explain your rights and obligations since your ex and you are still connected as homeowners. For more information on title, see How To Get A Mortgage - Meet Your Title Insurance Companies.

I hope I can be of more help with your refinance question. But I'll admit it is always a challenge for me when the property is outside the US. So keep in mind what is practiced in Australia, understanding my experience does not cross the US borders.

In light of that statement, here is what I'd tell you if your home was located in one of the 50 US states. Find the best mortgage lender you can. Here are six steps to compare mortgage professionals and interest rates.

Follow my Personal Mortgage Information Planner to get your ducks in a row. Being prepared increases your luck factor.

Be able to express in one or two sentences what the purpose of your refinance is so you can convey your thoughts clearly to the prospective lender. This is one of ten steps to getting affordable mortgage payments. Discover the rest here at Ten Best Kept Secrets To Low Mortgage Payments

I have provided additional links to unique refinancing tips that I believe can be of more help at the bottom of this page. I hope you will let me know if you have more questions.

Take a moment to bookmark Mortgage Refinancing Advice to your favorites and visit often for more refinancing tips. Lisa-Rae, you can also invite friends to comment on this page or ask another question of their own like you did.

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Is your mortgage refi worth the cost? Here's how to figure a break even point.


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