Mortgage With Fair Credit Score Ratings

by Eric from Pennsylvania

Ask Kate: How To Get A Mortgage With Fair Credit Score Ratings Hello Kate, My wife and I currently own a townhouse worth $170,000 with houses selling right around $200,000. We both have credit scores between 650-700. We would really like to do new construction if possible.

With this limited information, do you see an issue with getting approved? By the way, we had two 30 day late payments on our mortgage about six months ago.

Kate Answers: How To Get A Mortgage With Fair Credit Score Ratings

Hi Eric, Well! I have to agree with you. That's pretty limited information on which to base an opinion! But it reminds me that every home buyer needs an action plan. In fact, the best way to begin your journey is by getting preapproved.

Not sure if going through the pre-approval process is worth the effort? Discover the inside story here at Mortgage Pre-Approval where you'll learn how to eliminate heartache and save yourself time and money.

But what happens if your approval process starts going sideways? First of all don't throw up your hands in despair. You can guide your mortgage approval in the right direction with these tips.

Now let's look at how to get a mortgage with fair credit score ratings. There are steps you can take to boost your ability to finance new construction. Follow the links down below to practical credit repair help. You're sure to see results!

In addition, by visiting How To Improve A Credit Rating - Questions And Answers, you'll discover proven strategies based on other inquiries similar to yours.

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Best Wishes,

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