Need Help To Improve Credit Rating

by College Student

Regarding Need Help To Improve Credit Rating: Kate, can you help me improve my credit rating? I'm a college student that thought it would be a great idea to get a general credit card last summer. I searched around for the best deal I could find, the lowest interest rate, etc. and found a couple of great options.


Up until then, I had only had a few retail store cards, all of which had spotless histories. I then applied for both of these general credit cards and was approved. I was consistent and faithful about paying for the first approximately 6 months of having the cards.

After about 6 months, I ran out of money from my summer job, had no income during the semester and was finding that I had many late fees building on top of close-to-maxed out credit cards.

Debt collectors frequently call and are getting more and more persistent, but I still don't have the funds to pay my cards off. Being that I'm only 21 years old, did I just ruin my entire credit history? How can I fix this?

Kate Answers: Need Help To Improve Credit Rating

Dear College Student, There are 10 simple ways to pay off collections, improve your credit history and move on with your life:

Here are the first four:

1 -- Starting right now, pay your regular bills on time even if you only pay the minimum payment.

2 -- Don't stick your head in the sand. Open your mail. Daily.

3 -- No excuses. Acknowledge that you are fixing bad credit because you have not paid back money you borrowed.

4 -- Set up a system for repayment to avoid getting overwhelmed. One method is to start out paying the collections with the smallest balances first.

Before you forget, visit these pages on my website. And by the way, no! You did not ruin your credit. It is repairable. Decide today you are going to fix your credit score. Do it now!



Best Wishes,


PS What if you could turn YOUR dreams into reality? Now you can. This is MY story of dreams coming true.

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