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Ask Kate's online mortgage advice will turn you into a savvy shopper. Learn how to compare interest rates, reduce closing costs, achieve an affordable house payment, and lock in your rate successfully!

I really took your words to heart and it is one reason why I chose to major in Finance in college. -- KB

Questions Asked by Savvy Mortgage Shoppers

Savvy mortgage shoppers ask...

  • if they should pay discount points.
  • how to overcome challenges in the loan approval process.
  • when it's worthwhile to refinance.
  • where to turn if a lender breaks the lock-in agreement.
  • what paperwork will be required by a lending institution.

...and they get the answers here!

The Golden Rule of Mortgage Lending

Here is the best mortgage advice. Listen closely to this story. In fact, it might have happened to you. Don't rely on advice and tips outside a professional's field. This golden rule of mortgage lending will guide you to the best advice.

Kate's Mortgage Checklist

Wondering how to get your ducks in a row before calling a lender? Make the most of your time with a little preparation. Here's my mortgage checklist.

Mortgage Payment Affordability

Did you find your dream home but now you're waiting for a lender to say you can afford the monthly payments? Here's a big secret. Your lender might not know the answer! Don't confuse a lender's preapproval with how much you can afford in a house. Discover the simple truth about mortgage affordability.

Mortgage Preapproval

Mortgage preapproval starts off your home buying process on the right foot. Experience the advantage of becoming a preferred home buyer. With a little preparation, you can get peace of mind and own the home of your dreams.

How to Cure Loan Approval Hiccups

I don't have to tell you that the mortgage approval process can be tricky. Find out how Kate (aka Ask Kate) has helped thousands of borrowers for more than 20 years find the cure for loan approval hiccups.

How to Reduce Closing Costs and Fees

Start your savvy mortgage shopping by reducing mortgage closing costs. Learn how to make sense of mysterious good faith estimates. Imagine this! You can become a home loan expert.

Compare Mortgage Interest Rates

You want the best deal for your mortgage, right? You might be surprised to know the lowest rate is not always your best rate. Little or no closing costs with a little higher interest rate could still be your best deal.

Online Mortgage Advice - How to Avoid Hidden Fees

Learn how to you protect yourself against hidden fees if you lock mortgage rates over the phone.

Kate's Mortgage Rate Lock Guarantee

It's time to consider how and when you lock in your mortgage rate. You deserve reliability and peace of mind, don't you? Kate's common sense approach to getting your lowest rates is based on years of experience.

Nitty Gritty Mortgage Rate Lock Agreements

Quit biting your fingernails and learn the difference between good faith estimates and mortgage rate lock agreements. When it comes to locking in your interest rate, it pays off big-time to get the terms in writing.

Unique Online Mortgage Advice and Tips From Kate

Want to make an informed decision? Learn about 40 year, 30 year, 25 year, 20 year, and 15 year fixed rate mortgage payments.

Assistance a Click Away

Haven't found what you're looking for? Here's the solution! Go ahead and Ask Kate for answers.

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