HARP Refinance and HAMP Modification
Initial Program Questions and Answers

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The Making Home Affordable programs were launched in 2009 by the government in response to the massive bubble-burst of the real estate market in 2006 and subsequent slide in home values.

The two main programs at that time, specifically HARP refinance and HAMP modification, were too-little-too-late for many struggling homeowners. Foreclosures were on the rise.

Here are initial questions to Ask Kate from underwater homeowners looking for answers.

Making Home Affordable Program Announcements and News: Explore the current HARP 2.0 refinance program, HAMP Tier 2 loan modification improvements, HARP 3 refi proposals, FHA short refinance, HAFA real estate short sale, deed in lieu, and deed for lease foreclosure alternatives, and Independent Foreclosure Review (IFR) and National Mortgage Settlement (NMS) news.

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Mortgage Loan Modification: Initial Questions and Answers

Your Upside Down Mortgage - We are in danger of losing our home. I've seen so much different information on the web but don't know where to begin and what legitimate options are available for us.

Loan Modifications - Hi Kate, We've done the paperwork for loan modifications 3 times and keep getting denied. Our mortgage company received help in the form of bail out money but do not care about helping us.

Mortgage Modifications - My Loan Company denied my claim for a hardship loan modification.

Does mortgage modification apply to manufactured homes?

I went to your Modification tab on your website and clicked to check it out.

Asking Kate About Modifications - My hair dresser is upside down on her mortgage and considering a short sale.

Mortgage Stimulus - I have looked all over the internet to find out how the mortgage stimulus will help me.

Modification For Subprime - How do I get my bank to do a loan modification without having to go delinquent and ruin my credit first?

Homeowner Needs Fixed 30 Year Mortgage - I borrowed $412,000 with a negative amortization mortgage loan two years ago.

HARP Refinance: Initial Questions and Answers

Underwater Refinance of 1st and 2nd Mortgage with a Bizarre Twist - It is an investment property, but I could move into it as my primary house. Can I get a loan balance reduction? Should I walk away?

HARP 1st 2nd mortgage refinancing - We are refinancing with a local bank who informed us that our 2nd mortgage holder won't cooperate. What options are open to us? Is there a way to play hardball?

How to Understand Making Home Affordable Refinance Offer - My mortgage lender is offering a HARP refinance program at 4.125% and paying the closing fees. Is a good offer?

The Bad Behavior of Making Home Affordable - I asked my lender for help with refinancing under Making Home Affordable but I was denied. The reason. my gross income was too high, $748 a week take-home.

Is This Nationwide Mortgage Lender My Only HARP Refi Option - Is this our only option due to circumstances and rules or regulations of the HARP program?

Mortgage and Foreclosure Relief For Distressed Homeowners - Kate, I was doing some research about the HARP program and ran across your website. I got more information than the past 5 sites combined. Here is our situation.

Why have my monthly house payments increased 500 dollars after my Making Home Affordable Refinance? - Hi Kate, Can my mortgage company raise my monthly house payments two months after I refinanced?

Home Affordable Mortgages For Self-Employed - Automatically denied a Home Affordable refi because he is self-employed?! And I thought I'd heard everything!

Who Sets HARP Refinance Rates - Who is right? I just read in your article that the HARP interest rate is not set by Fannie Mae, so now I am confused.

Making Home Affordable Refi and Subprime Mortgage Loans - I thought Making Home Affordable Refi programs were to help people. I've read Fannie Mae guidelines. It seems EA-II loans and some subprime mortgages can do a HARP.

Confusing Mortgage Problems - I can't refinance with Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) because (believe it or not) my 1st mortgage has turned into a 2nd mortgage due to a title mix up.

Making Home Affordable Refinance - My Freddie Mac backed mortgage was then dumped on a company who is merely a servicer and does not originate loans. They informed me that they could not refinance, nor help me refinance.

More HARP Questions and Answers

Open Access and HARP - We are refinancing through the HARP program. Do we have to go through our current loan servicer or can we shop around?

HARP Mortgage Refinance - Regarding the Home Affordable Refinance Program, how do the mortgage interest rates differ from conventional loans rates?

Home Affordable Modification - You've heard of HARP, not the musical instrument! HARP also has a related program but not for refinancing.

Making Home Affordable Program - Can I choose my own HARP lender and get a competitive rate for my refinance?

HARP Refi - Does a HARP refi not allow adding a new spouse to a title during the refinance process?

Making Home Affordable Help - Until finding your website, I didn't realize I could use a different lender to originate a refinance under HARP.

Need HARP Lender To Refi My Home - It's been frustrating because they say they do HARP but actually try to give you high interest rates and closing costs.

Problems with HARP and Mortgage Refinancing - I am trying to refinance and really have no clue to what I am doing.

Who determines my HARP closing costs and interest rate - Do I have to shop my refinance?

Making Home Affordable Refinance Program - Can I refinance my second home using HARP?

Home Affordable Refinance Program - Should I wait for a new revision to the HARP program?

HARP Refinance Made Impossible By Subordination Agreement - How does a lender expect anyone to close a loan?

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