Painlessly Pay Off a Mortgage

by David from Tampa, Florida USA

How to painlessly pay off a mortgage - Announcing my new book, The Mortgage Freedom Project: As you will soon see, David in Tampa, Florida has resolved to pay off his house in just 5 years. But David's method isn't practical for many homeowners. Even so, I can show you how to quickly get out of debt, including your mortgage obligation, without scrounging for extra money or sacrificing your lifestyle.


How to Pay Off Your Mortgage (Method 1 - Could Be Painful)

David, whom you will meet in a jiffy, has a method (which he calls painful) for paying off his house. It requires a surplus of money. So if you have a boatload of cash, great! If not, well, you are pretty much out of luck.

Details of David's current mortgage:
  • 15 year term
  • 3.99% fixed rate
  • $185,000 loan balance
  • $1,367 a month (without taxes or insurance)
By nature, a 15 year term pays down quickly. But David wants to be mortgage free in just 5 years. Keeping with his plan, he would need to apply an additional $2,000 each month to his house payment.

David's mortgage payment now adds up to a total of $3,367 a month, not including property taxes or homeowner's insurance premiums. Whoa! You can see why he calls it painful!

How to Pay Off Your Mortgage (Method 2 - No Pain)

What if you don't have the means to come up with an additional sum of money each month to reduce your mortgage term? You wouldn't be alone.

The majority of homeowners are not in a position to add an additional $2000 to their monthly house payments after paying for the 2nd mortgage, car, credit cards, doctor bills, and student loans.

But does this mean they should resign themselves to 30 years of loan payments? No! Neither does it mean they should give up on mortgage freedom!

In my newly published book, The Mortgage Freedom Project, I will walk you through the steps of becoming mortgage free without the pain of coming up with extra money.

In fact, I promise you right now that you won't need to smash your child's piggy bank or pick up a second job... to pay off your mortgage faster than you ever thought possible!

But before you read more about my book, let's meet David, as promised.

Meet David from Tampa, Florida

Kate, My wife and I are in the position to put monies towards our 15 year fixed 3.99% mortgage. Balance is $185K. Our goal is to have it paid off in 2017. It's going to be hard to see all that money being dished out every month but we want to be mortgage free. We still are able to contribute to two separate savings account by the way.

Any advice on the pain of seeing that money go out every month while we watch our balance dwindle? Only 59 more payments!

Kate Answers David

***zz-portrait-left.shtml*** Dear David,

I'm not sure I've ever been asked for advice on pain so your question made me laugh!

But seriously, congratulations on your plan to pay off your house. It's an incredible plan and I applaude you! As exhilarating as it is to get approved by the bank for a mortgage, even more so is saying Good-Bye, Adios, and Au Revoir to the payments!

One time, I received a letter from a home buyer thanking me for a painless mortgage process, with one exception... He still had to make his payments!

Although I enjoyed his tongue-in-cheek humor, I did not have a solution to getting rid of the house payments. I had not yet developed my strategy for becoming mortgage free.

But soon after, I began working on my plan to liberate homeowners from mortgage payments, offering it first as a short article, then a 6-part course. But recently, based on people's renewed interest in becoming debt-free, I re-tooled and updated it, publishing the detailed plan in my first book, The Mortgage Freedom Project.

With that, I will send you to a page on my website where you can learn about my guaranteed strategy for becoming debt-free and mortgage-free, without sacrificing your lifestyle! Go here to read more about The Mortgage Freedom Project.

Good luck and best wishes,


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Refinancing to lower payment and pay off mortgage
by: Dale C in Chattanooga,Tennessee

I would like to refinance my home to take advantage of the low interest rates and lower my required payments but maintain the ability to make some monthly payments in excess of the monthly required payment.

Are there disadvantages to this approach, will most lenders allow this, and are there any standard stipulations of which I need to be aware?

Thanks in advance for your assistance. You have a great website.

Hi Dale, Kate here...

Most mortgage programs allow homeowners to pay off their mortgages early. One exception would be a home loan with prepayment penalties. Prepayment penalty terms must be disclosed in writing and require your signature. See a breakdown of the Good Faith Estimate form to understand what you are signing.

Then go to The Mortgage Freedom Project to learn how to pay off your mortgage faster than you might be anticipating.

Best wishes, Kate

How can I pay off my mortgage early?
by: Terrence

I am currently trying to refinance a mortgage that was already refinanced in 2009 at 4.75%, 30 year fixed. My current mortgage holder is Citi. My mortgage is a Fannie Mae loan.

Citi has indicated that I am not eligible for HARP since the closing date on my refi was June 2009. Citi has advised me not to refinance since 4.75 is a good rate and my mortgage would go back to 30 year, adding to the term of payments.

My goal is to reduce my payments per month and also get my mortgage paid sooner then 30 years. Any advice?

Hi Terrence, Kate here. Even if you can't refinance to a lower monthly payment, consider focusing on early mortgage payoff.

Keep in mind that refinancing is pricey. In most cases, closing costs are added to your loan amount. In addition, your mortgage amortization will start over, applying most of your house payment to interest vs reducing your loan balance.

Some homeowners accept these 2 drawbacks as a tradeoff for a low interest rate. Nevertheless, it IS possible to pay off your house earlier than you might imagine WITHOUT refinancing to a lower interest rate or shorter term. Without closing costs! Without resetting your mortgage term! Without sacrificing your lifestyle!

If the thought of liberating yourself from a mortgage payment seems refreshing, get the scoop at The Mortgage Freedom Project.

Here's to your early mortgage payoff! Kate

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