Pre Approval For Buying A House

by Roger from Texarkana, TX US

Regarding Pre Approval For Buying A House: I am looking into buying a house. I'm a 48 year male on disability. I receive $1850 monthly from SSI. My wife works and earns about $9000 a year. My income does not count as taxable income on our tax returns. And our credit score in just under 600. We have two small children and have never owned a home.


Would we qualify for buying a house using a first time buyer tax credit? If not, is there any other way for us to buy a house?

Kate Answers: Pre Approval For Buying A House

Hi Roger, Although I cannot tell you specifically if you can qualify for a mortgage or tax credits, I would encourage you to seek mortgage pre approval for buying a house from a qualified lender.

Mortgage pre approval paves the way to home ownership. A qualified lender can also help you sort through credit issues.

It is also important to determine how much mortgage you can afford. Please read Affording A Mortgage and discover why the answer may surprise you.

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