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by US Homeowner With Question

Refinancing Advice - Do I Break My Mortgage Rate Lock Hi Kate, Two weeks ago we locked in a mortgage refinance rate of 5.25%. Normally rates don't change much in the time between a lock and closing, but these are extraordinary times, and rates are probably below 5% now.

With most people expecting the Fed to drop rates by 1/2 point today, I'm wondering whether I should break our mortgage rate lock. My guess is that our lender will say no -- I imagine that he doesn't have a "float down" provision.

We've paid a $350 nonrefundable deposit, but could we be responsible for other fees as well? There was a $350 appraisal. For which other closing costs could we be held responsible?

Can you give me some refinancing advice for a mortgage rate lock? Signed, US Homeowner With Question

Refinancing Advice - Do I Break My Mortgage Rate Lock

Dear US Homeowner With Question,

In the short amount of time since you wrote, the Feds did indeed lower their funds to a half percent. Yes, I agree with you. These are extraordinary times!

States can have different practices concerning mortgages in addition to federal regulations. So check with your own state concerning fees owed if you cancel your mortgage application.

Read through the packet of paperwork you received within three days of making loan application. You should be able to find your answer there. Otherwise, enlist the help of a real estate agent or friend.

Don't be too quick to write off your lending company. They may have a new float down provision. Again, as you said, these are extraordinary times.

In addition to checking with your lender regarding a solution to rates dropping after a mortgage rate lock, consider the following before acting:
  1. Breaking a rate lock without another in place could jeopardize your refinance.

  2. Ordering new credit could lower credit scores and increase, not decrease, your interest rate.

  3. A second mortgage lender could require a new appraisal but if values in your area are dropping, your refinance may end up worse, not better.

Resist The Mortgage Rate Lock Hysteria

A certain hysteria begins to prevail during times like this. We saw it after 911. My refinancing advice? Take a deep breathe and map out a game plan. Resist the hysteria that surrounds interest rates right now.

Perhaps that means staying with your current lender. Could it mean asking your lender for alternatives? Yes and it could also mean switching lenders. Only you can answer these questions as they relate to your refinance.

I wish you the best of luck and hope you'll come back to my website Get-Your-Best-Mortgage-Rate again in the future. Of course, all of my information is free.

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Best Wishes,

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