Refinancing Advice For Low Mortgage Payments

by Audrey

Ask Kate: Refinancing Advice For Low Mortgage Payments Hi Kate, Refinancing advice needed please. I have a high interest rate and I want to refinance to reduce my interest rate and lower my monthly payments.

I am not satisfied with the mortgage company I have now. Can you tell me how to find a good dependable mortgage company? One that will have my best interest. Where do I start? Audrey

Kate Answers: Refinancing Advice For Low Mortgage Payments

Dear Audrey, Thanks so much for contacting me.

As you know, I am not affiliated with any real estate agent or mortgage lender. My goal is to help homeowners and home buyers learn how to get their best mortgage because as we have all experienced, not too much of this is taught in school.

On my website, I have several pages on refinancing advice for selecting a lender. Start with questions to ask a lender.

This next page is like a Super Directory to a wide variety of tips and refinancing advice. You will find links to refinance FAQs, true life experiences of refinancing from other Readers. I find these invaluable because their comments stem from questions such as yours. Try it out at Refinancing Question and Answers and Refinancing Stories.

Hope that helps. My door is always open. You can also contact me at Ask Kate. So remember to bookmark Get Your Best Mortgage Rate to your favorites and visit often for up to date homeowner tips, news for buying a house and refinancing advice.

Best Wishes,

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