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Ask Kate: Refinancing Advice Look Carefully Kate, Hopefully someone will benefit by my refinancing advice - I'm glad $8000 of closing costs caught my attention. My guy, as I call my mortgage consultant, called me about refinancing.

I already had a pretty low rate but I indulged him by giving him some of my time. Long story short, he suggested refinancing my home to lower the mortgage rate. However, the closing costs were costing points and me a fortune!

Turned out the mortgage closing costs were to the sum of $8,000. Yeah, I was glad I looked into it further.

My refinancing advice, make sure you know exactly what you are getting before you sign that dotted line.

Kate Answers: Refinancing Advice Look Carefully

Hi Savvy Homeowner, Points! Fees! Costs! No matter how you say it, your advice to look carefully can serve any homeowner well during a refinance.

Learning how to compare mortgage closing costs can save a borrower from an unfortunate experience. At the bottom of this page are links to pages for homeowners wondering whether or not to refinance and for borrowers wondering if the fees justify the refinance.

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Finding Help for Locking Rates

My Interest Rate Lock Guarantee - Help for timing your rate lock.

The best solution to avoiding hidden fees is to ask the right questions before you lock mortgage rates.

Get mortgage broker fees in writing or your rate lock is meaningless!

How good is a mortgage interest rate lock guarantee?

Yield Spread Premium is a common reason for losing your rate lock.

Questions to ask before you lock.

Search questions and answers at Ask Kate Mortgage Rate Lock Center I.

More questions and answers at Ask Kate Mortgage Rate Lock Center II.

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