Stop Foreclosure Now
Seven Ways to Locate Current Mortgage Lenders

I'm on a mission to stop foreclosure... and stop it right now. Even so, here's the problem. Because loans get sold multiple times, it's not uncommon for home owners to lose track of the company that services their mortgage. But there's good news. I have 7 easy ways to locate your current lender and get the ball rolling to save your home.

Practical Foreclosure Help

Hi, my name is Kate Ford. For over 20 years, I helped borrowers just like you with their mortgage financing. I discovered many home owners, over time, lost track of their current lender's contact information.

Believe me when I say don't be embarrassed if it's happened to you. You are not alone. Let me show you how to locate your current mortgage lender.

How to Locate Your Lender

1 - Start with your easiest solution. Can you find your monthly mortgage statement or coupon book? It will have your current lender's name and toll free number on it.

Tip to stop foreclosure: Call a mortgage company during early business hours to avoid the stress of being placed on hold too long.

2 - HUD has joined with major mortgage lenders to form a directory of phone numbers for home owners who need to stop foreclosure now. See if you recognize your lender on this list. (Update: June 2009, HUD removed this list)

3 - Do you use your bank's on-line bill payer service? Call their customer center to find where your mortgage payment is sent.

Tip to stop foreclosure: To avoid using your social security number for identification, offer your loan number or home address instead.

4 - Is your mortgage set up with automatic payment withdrawal? Call the bank that handles your checking account to ask which lender is withdrawing your mortgage payment.

5 - Lenders notify home owners when they transfer mortgages. So look through your records for a Notification of Mortgage Transfer. It will contain a toll free phone number.

Tip to stop foreclosure: The assignment of your mortgage to a new lender is always done in writing, per federal law. Make a permanent file for the notifications.

6 - Call your mortgage professional. They often know which investors are buying their loans.

7 - Order a credit report. For a reasonable fee, and sometimes even free, major credit reporting agencies offer names and phone numbers of mortgage companies.

My Mission to Stop Foreclosure

Remember when I told you I'm on a mission to prevent the loss of more homes? I want my mission to be your mission!

With a plan in place, your lender may be able to help you save your home. After all, it's your home and your mortgage. You deserve the best!

Now it is time to discover a wealth of information at Kate's Best Mortgage Rate Blogpacked with the latest additions to this website, interest rate updates and a fresh approach to mortgage financing.

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