Stop Foreclosure by Negotiating a Better Deal

Stop and think carefully about this. You have the power to stop foreclosure.

Many home owners today have an adjustable rate mortgage. Most of these are subprime mortgages. If this describes your financing, your mortgage payments are scheduled to increase. Are you prepared?

Learn from Donald Trump

But don't walk away from your home because you can't afford your mortgage payments! Instead, negotiate a better deal with your mortgage lender.

Donald Trump on Subprime Mortgages

"People for some reason, it's the herd mentality, get a notice from a bank to be out of their property in 3 days and they leave. 

The bank does not want your property. The last thing they want is to take over hundreds of thousands, even millions, of homes all over the United States. 

When you get a notice, go into your bank and negotiate. You can make a better deal now on your mortgage. 

You have a horrible mortgage, an exploding mortgage, you have a disaster, you are paying too much interest. You can't pay it. 

Go in right now and negotiate a new deal with your bank. Don't just leave. Don't just take this legal notice and say, Charlie, we have to leave our home of 20 years. 

It's ridiculous. Go in and negotiate a deal!" - Donald Trump, The Billionaire Inside, CNBC, October 2007

Learn from Kate Ford

Hi, my name is Kate Ford. For over 20 years, I personally assisted home owners with their mortgage financing. Now I'm giving you the very secrets that helped many home owners stop mortgage foreclosure.

Listen closely. You won't hear this anywhere else. I say this over and over because it is a fact. This is your mortgage and your home. No one cares more about this than you.

Take the initiative. Contact your mortgage servicer to stop foreclosure today. Cut a deal. Don't wait for the government to bail you out. The ball is in your court!

Tip: When negotiating over the phone, ask if the person you are speaking with is authorized to make decisions to stop mortgage foreclosure. Don't hesitate to ask for a supervisor.

Take Advantage of the Current Economic Crisis

Take advantage of the current crisis by asking your mortgage lender for help. Imagine! You have the power to prevent foreclosure.

So don't quit. Mortgage companies have never been so willing to make a deal. They want your mortgage payments, not your home. This is an opportunity to benefit from the current mortgage crisis and save your home.

Stop Foreclosure and Negotiate a Better Deal

You know what I say! It's your mortgage and your home. No one cares more about this than you! Mortgage lenders are negotiating with home owners to stop foreclosure. Like Donald Trumps says, call your lender today to make a better deal.

Need to sell your house? This page will save you money and heart ache. Based on my experience, it's critical for any seller to have this information before selling a home.

You'll also find a wealth of homeowner information at Kate's Best Mortgage Rate Blogpacked with the latest additions to this website, interest rate updates and a fresh approach to mortgage financing.

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