Stop Mortgage Foreclosure - Embarrass Your Loan Servicer

by Patsy from Lancaster, Ohio

Ask Kate how to stop mortgage foreclosure by embarrassing your loan servicer into action: Patsy doesn't know where to turn for help. As you read Patsy's story, keep in mind that major banks, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac received $116 billion in government bailouts and 4 major loan servicers were fined 26 billion in 2012 alone for abuse of homeowners.


Yet Patsy, while reaching out to her lender, can't even get a human voice on the phone to discuss saving her home. And so she titles her letter to Ask Kate very simply, Foreclosure.


By Patsy from Lancaster, Ohio
Stop Mortgage Foreclosure - Embarrass Your Loan Servicer

Kate, I don't know where to turn.

I reached out to my lender at the onset of my having to end my career. I am a single income widow. I am now 3 months delinquent with the mortgage.

My lender will not accept my December payment- it's either All or Nothing they are telling me.

I am not receiving more money than before nor has my mortgage lowered so I cannot just pay January and February, along with December's payment. Why is it assumed just because I am not paying the mortgage, I have more money saved to pay to current due?

I have reached out to Homeport but after I send them information requested, I will receive a "Do you still need Help" voicemail the following day. I call them back and always have to leave a voicemail to this person and NEVER receive a response by my emails, writing, phone.

What do I do?

I received the 3rd Hardship Packet from my lender to complete. Honestly, I am in my early 50's, have had Traumatic Brain Injury, I have other permanent physical injuries- I feel like I will end with a stroke with all of this 9 months asking for a loan modification and never making progress!

My life has been put on a hold, and a nightmare of a hold. If I need a lawyer, to stop the repeated paperwork requests, are there lawyers (since this isn't Social Security related) that take a payment with mortgages as a focus?

I do not know what that last sentence implies either, but I know any money I have has to go toward my mortgage.

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Dear Patsy,

Sadly, your story is not an isolated one. The absence of communication, recorded messages, mortgages being sold in the middle of the modification process, and lost paperwork are all too common.

We can tell how little the banks cleaned up their act after fraudulent foreclosures because following the national mortgage settlement, complaints regarding loan servicers are once again on the rise.

But why we should we be surprised? The settlement did not require loan servicers to even admit guilt.

Shop Pro Bono Attorneys to Stop Mortgage Foreclosure

Of course, none of this venting helps you save your home. But it is important to understand the history so you can proceed with confidence.

So if you feel you are getting no where with your loan servicer, I do not recommend you sit back and hope for the best. Having already missed three house payments, your home is now in jeopardy.

I believe you need to shop for an attorney. Start with an online search for several pro bono attorneys using similar terms to this: pro bono attorney foreclosure lancaster ohio.

Have your story written out in case you get nervous when you begin calling them to set appointments. Include dates and any pertinent facts.

Contact Government Officials to Stop Mortgage Foreclosure

Additionally, you can write your representatives in Congress and other elected offices. ***zzz-link-write-reps.shtml***

Embarrass Your Loan Servicer to Stop Mortgage Foreclosure

As a last resort, go to the press. Several years have passed since I first told a homeowner, a disabled veteran, to enlist the help of newspapers and television stations. Of course, you have to be willing to put your life on public display. But if your bank won't listen to reason, perhaps you can embarrass it into action.

It's a shameful time in American history when homeowners must get an attorney to force banks to speak with them, the same banks that committed fraud but were never required to admit their illegal actions.

I wish you much strength and fortitude. Please keep in touch and let me know of your progress.



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How do I remove ex's name off the modification mortgage paperwork?
by: Naomi from West Palm Beach, Florida

Hi, Mrs. Kate:

My name is Naomi, I divorced two years ago and on the divorce decree, it stated that if was possible that I will refinance the mortgage.

Well I couldn't due to the divorce and my low income and that I am a single mom of two little girls.

I tried and the company didn't do it. When I did the modification, I requested that the company removed his name. They only used my income and he signed the quit claim deed.

Now he wants to take me to court saying that I did not follow the court paperwork but that is a lie because I did the impossible to make happen.

What can you please advice me? He is not helping me with the cost of the aftercare of the children for the last two years, that the court papers said 50% both on anything of the children. I pay the health insurance and dental, everything. I need your help. Thanks.

Hi Naomi, Kate here...

Give your divorce attorney a call. (Ask upfront if you'll be charged for the conversation.) Explain that you did your best to remove his name when you modified the mortgage but in the end, the loan servicer did not cooperate.

It won't hurt to point out that your ex does not meet his obligations of child care and medical insurance spelled out in the decree.

If you can't afford an attorney, see my instructions above to Patsy.

Best wishes, Kate

P.S. You can read letters from other borrowers in a similar situation at Mortgage Assumption after Mortgage Modification.

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