Sweden's Better Financial Bailout Plan

by Todd from Mountain View, California USA

Regarding Sweden's Better Financial Bailout Plan: I think that this financial bailout is just business as usual for the government, meaning it will do no good in the long term. Sweden's bailout plan is much better for them in the long run, as their taxpayers made a profit on the deal.


Some might call the government buying a stake in the companies socialism, but eventually nearly all of the banking institutions were completely re-privatized. Sweden's economy is now thriving, and their banking industry has learned its lesson about irresponsible lending.

However, as flawed as it may be, the current financial bailout solution will hopefully at the very least keep our economy from free falling, which is its intended purpose. I do however think it's a real shame that we have to help people who irresponsibly took out larger loans and mortgages than they could afford.

Unfortunately, a sinking tide lowers all ships and it's in the best interest of everyone that the tide does not fall.

Overall, the financial bailout plan will succeed, though it will not do so as well as it could, because too many senators are in the pockets of the financial industry; or is it the other way around? --Todd from Mountain View



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