Tax Incentive Opinion Mortgage News

by William Mosley
(Atlanta, GA, USA)

Regarding Tax Incentive Opinion Mortgage News: I'm riled by mortgage news over my tax dollars turning into home buyer tax incentives. I think congress should give citizen tax incentives to home buyers. But, there needs to be a qualification. No responsibility and no qualification is what got the United States in this situation to begin with.


But, home buyer incentives are not enough. All home buyer incentives will do is caress the neck of the economy while whispering, "It'll be okay. The doctor will help you fall sleep." while the doctor is preparing a lethal injection.

Ideas such as the fair tax would indeed stimulate the economy. If the goal is to revitalize the market, the money need to be in the tax payers hands. Gas prices being sky high are taking money from the tax payers.

This hair brained, antiquated income tax relieves tax payers of their hard earned money and our congress people send that money to Uzbekistan to help the indigenous mountain goat herder buy fillet mignon goat feed so that the goats will have "feet sturdy like the Brian Boytano".

Energize the economy by letting citizens keep more of the money they earn. We should not be giving it to the government so that they can turn around and offer it back to us as tax incentives.

Kate Answers: Tax Incentive Opinion Mortgage News

Dear William, How many of us have connected goat herders with mortgage news about tax incentives?

Thanks for your stimulating opinion,


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