Unbiased Home Buyer Inspection

by Buyer Beware

Regarding Unbiased Home Buyer Inspection: This is Kate's sidebar to this letter. Please note Buyer Beware does not necessarily reflect this website's opinion. However we welcome letters from Readers and Buyer Beware's opinion.

Dear Kate, A home buyer inspection can be very beneficial. Obtaining a paid professional’s opinion on an existing home can give a buyer that warm-fuzzy feeling needed to purchase.


However, buyers beware!

In many markets a seemingly unbiased, independent home inspector’s services can actually unknowingly be bought by local real estate agents. A home inspector can be in cahoots with a selling agent, thereby double dipping, while assisting a selling agent in the sale of a difficult home.

It is recommended that a buyer insist on being present during the home buyer inspection and, if possible, do some pre-inspection homework and be prepared to ask the home inspector questions.

It behooves a buyer to be familiar with his major investment. The buyer should see what the inspector sees to understand what might be lacking, need repair, or be a deal-breaker. The information learned will help with future home purchasing or home repair.

It’s impossible to know if an inspector is truly working for a buyer. A buyer should be wary if employing a home buyer inspector and, while taking their opinion into consideration, ultimately the decision needs to be made independently.

Sincerely, Buyer Beware

Kate Answers: Unbiased Home Buyer Inspection

Dear Buyer Beware,

A great solution would be to ask your Realtor for three referrals. You can also shop for a home inspector the way you shopped for your real estate agent and mortgage lender. Asking a family member or friend which home inspector did a good job for them is another solution.

Best Wishes,


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