Washington Forgets Main Street Mortgage News

by Scott
(Delaware, OH, USA)

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Washington Forgets Main Street Mortgage News

Washington is not helping Main Street from where I sit. I have to say that I am sick to death of hearing about my tax dollars, via Washington, going to help bail out the companies that caused this financial crisis (financial institutions) and possibly companies that just run their businesses poorly (car companies)!

These bail outs are not helping me in the least. I have tried, unsuccessfully I might add, to get credit three separate times this year! I own my home outright and could not get a home equity loan!

This is insane!

We give the banks billions and they do NOT trickle it down to Main Street, but instead give out bonuses and fancy trips to their executives. And now the car companies want in on the action.

How many years have we been telling the American car companies with our dollars spent that we do not like what they are selling? How many years have they known that we want fuel efficient cars and not all of these huge gas hogs?

They do not listen!

And now they want the money we did not want to give them and we do not even get a new car out of the deal. I am just sick. --Scott

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