What Happened To Our Free Market Economy

by Scott
(Delaware, OH, USA)

Regarding What Happened To Our Free Market Economy: I have to say that I completely disagree with "bailing out" these mortgage companies that knew better than to do what they did to the American people. I believe that if you make a bad decision in business, you should have to pay the consequences, especially if it was an unethical CHOICE that put you in the situation you find yourself in.


Do you think if I had a business, as a private citizen, and did something unethical that put my business in jeopardy of going under that the government would even notice? No! That is what a free market is all about. Businesses come and businesses go, as is the nature of the beast of capitalism.

If anything, the government should not be bailing out these financial corporations but federally investigating them and possibly suing them to get monies to the American public who were treated illegally in some instances. Tax payer money should not go to anything unethical (yes, I know that is idealistic of me to say).

I also understand that some of these companies' executives are expecting to still get their bonuses and severance pay. NO! The taxpayers should not have to pay anyone's salary, bonus, golden parachute, or anything of the sort. You work for an unethical business then you are part of the problem and should not be rewarded for that behavior.

I realize our economy is in danger, but there just has to be another way to save it besides rewarding corporations yet again for being unethical in their treatment of the public.

Scott from Delaware


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